Tracy McGrady Retires

McGradyRocketsDunkTracy McGreedy McGrady, who played 16 season in the NBA, has announced his retirement.  Few players have every played at as high a level as McGrady did during his prime, but a series of injuries  cut short his prime years.  McGrady never managed to get out of the first round until he tagged along with the Spurs for their playoff run this past season.  Though he made 7 All-Star teams and won two scoring titles, McGrady is without a complete resume and has never won a title or an MVP award.  McGrady was drafted by the Toronto Raptors, blossomed as a player with the Magic, but ultimately demanded a trade.  Frequent moves prevented McGrady from building any teams he played for into a contender, but fans seemed to love watching the athletic guard as they once almost managed to vote him into the All-Star game despite the fact that he had not played a game the entire season.  He retires with 18381 career points, 4161 assists and 5276 rebounds.






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