2014/15 Predictions: The Southwest Division

The Spurs will be looking to repeat as champions for the first time in franchise history.

1: The San Antonio Spurs The Southwest Division is likely going to be the deepest and toughest division in the league.  They were the only division last year with three 50-win teams, and the fourth-place team, The Dallas Mavericks, won 49 games.  The worst team in the division came away with 34 wins, the most […]

Tony Allen for J.J. Redick?

Doc Rivers turned Tony Allen into a champion in Boston.  Perhaps he could do the same for him in LA.

After having traded Rudy Gay, the Memphis Grizzlies seemed to be lacking a strong offensive presence on the wing.  Though Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are both exceptional offensive players, and Mike Conley is a solid point guard, neither Tayshaun Prince, nor Tony Allen, have the offensive creativity that Gay had.  As a result, the […]

Who Will Have the Best Front Court In the NBA for 2013/14?

None of the current front courts in the NBA have been playing together longer than Deng (left) Boozer and Noah.

There have been more than a moves so far this off season, and with big name free agents making moves, there has been a shift in the NBA power balance.  There are now several teams vying for the best starting front court in the league.  Teams like the Heat and the Thunder clearly have the […]

Grizzlies Part Way With Hollins Despite Great Success

Lionel Hollins will likely not be out of a job for long.

No good deed goes unpunished in the NBA.  After leading the Memphis Grizzlies to the franchise’s best season ever, Lionel Hollins has been let go as head coach.  Since taking over the team, Hollins has improved the team’s winning percentage in each successive season. This year was no different as he recorded a franchise record […]