Royce White Set To Fly; Some ‘Media’ Still Stigmatizing Mental Illness

Royce White

Royce White

As a person who suffers from depression and also happens to have several family members and friends who suffer from mental illness, I have followed the Royce White story with great interest.  Nobody knows for sure what the issues were that lead White to not making a single appearance during what would have been his rookie season, but White did not play a single game.  The primary roadblock was of course the issues with anxiety in regards to flying on airplanes, but there were clearly some other issues at hand as well.  Recently, it was announce, the White would fly this season for the Philadelphia 76ers, who acquired White via a trade with the Houston Rockets.  This, it seems is good news, but there seems to still be a great deal of stigma regarding mental illness.

The article I read announcing White’s decision to fly was written by Robert Littal.  I have never heard of Robert Littal before, and it seems there is good reason for that.  He is an awful writer.  In a short paragraph in which he communicates Whites decision, he claims that White is a “con” and that the entirety of last season was an elaborate con pulled off by White and that White was “pretending there was something wrong with him”.  I did notice that Littal does not have a “Dr.” before his name and can only assume that he is not qualified to determine whether there is or isn’t something wrong medically wrong with White. I also assume that Littal has not had access to White’s case files and that he has no basis on which to make this judgement.  There is obviously, no evidence provided by Littal that suggests White was faking anything or that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with White.  Both Littal and the editors at Blacksportonline should be ashamed of themselves for posting such rubbish.


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