Manu Ginobili Set to Return to Spurs Despite Rumours of Retirement

Manu Ginobili, who was often confused with actor Bronson Pinchot.

Manu Ginobili, who was often confused with actor either Bronson Pinchot or Adrien Brody (depending on how flattering one wished to be) when he still had a full head of hair.

In a move that will surprise few, other than those who thought Manu Ginibili was set to retire, the veteran shooting guard and the San Antonio Spurs have reached an agreement on a two-year deal that will pay out 14 million dollars.  The deal will likely ensure that Ginobili will finish his career having worn only one jersey (figuratively of course as he has no doubt gone through a great number of jerseys throughout his career); that of the team that drafted him (a rare occurrence in the league today, but not one rare in San Antonio whose: coach—Greg Popvich—starting power forward—Tim Duncan—and starting point guard—Tony Parker—have each only ever collected paychecks from the Spurs during their professional NBA careers).   Though Ginobili’s performance in the finals was hit and miss, the Spurs franchise, coach Popovich and his teammates have all expressed confidence in the veteran shooting guard who has been leading the Spurs’ second unit for several years now and has be rewarded for his efforts coming off the bench with the 6th Man Award in 2007 and two All-Star appearances to go along with 3 NBA championships.  Only one active shooting guard has more championship rings than the Argentine player: Kobe Bryant.  Fans will no doubt welcome Ginobili’s return, though some may doubt that he will finish out the contract given his rhetoric concerning retirement this post season. 

Who is Manu's Hollywood twin: Adrien Brody (left) or Bronson Pinchot?

Who is Manu’s Hollywood twin: Adrien Brody (left) or Bronson Pinchot?

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