The Defence of Andrew Bynum


It has recently been reported that Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum has been suspended indefinitely by the Cavaliers for conduct detrimental to the team. What that conduct consists of is unclear.  Bynum recently made comments about when and where he should be getting the ball, and that is potentially disruptive in terms of publically questioning […]

Rondo For Granger+Hill and Asik+Lin for Deron Willimas: Christmas Day Trade Rumours

Asik and Lin were brought in to help the Rockets become contenders, but they've e both spending more time on the bench than on the hardwood.

It is no secret that Omer ASik has requested a trade.  Repeatedly.  Likewise, with the Boston Celtics in re-build mode, a number of teams have made inquiries into obtaining All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo.  It seems that a trade between the two teams was inevitable, but apparently things have fallen through.  In place of a […]

Potential Landing Spots of Omer Asik?

A return to the Bulls could be ideal for both Houston and Chicago.

Omer Asik is rumoured to be seeking a trade again.  After acquiring Dwight Howard in the offseason, it was rumoured that Asik had initially requested a trade, due to the fact that he and Howard play the same position and have similar styles (stronger rebounding defenders who are inept on offense).  Asik has been benched […]

Don’t Do It, Devner!

2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

There are rumours that Denver’s coaching staff is unhappy with Kenneth Faried.  Some are suggesting that Faried defense is not at the same level it was in his first two season.  Ownership is rumoured to be worried that Faried’s pending restricted-free agency could lead to a contract that is too rich for their blood.  Now, […]

Antwan Jamison Signs With Los Angeles Clippers

Antawn Jamison, who made the All-Star team as a member of the Washington Wizards, has signed with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Antawn Jamison is changing locker rooms, but he is not changing buildings.  Jamison has signed on with the Los Angeles Clippers after having played last season with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Jamison, who had signed on with the Lakers with the hope of playing for a ring along with five potential future Hall of Fame […]

Allen Iverson Announces That He Finally Realizes He Is Retired

Allen Iverson recently announced his retirement amid rumours that he had secretly been retired from the NBA for three and a half years.

Allen Iverson, who seems to be unaware of the fact that he hasn’t played professional basketball in over two years, announced his retirement today.  It seems that Iverson wasn’t aware of the fact that he had already been retired by every professional basketball team in the world that wasn’t willing to offer him a contract.  […]

76ers Announces Brett Brown As Their New Head Coach

Brett Brown will likely encourage the 76ers to draft 4 future HOF players with the hopes putting the 76ers in a position to repeat the success of the Spurs.

The 76ers have officially announced the hiring of former Spurs assistant Brett Brown as their new head coach.  Brown played under coaching legend Rick Patino in college and as a coach has had experience in Australia, where he coached the national team, and has also served as director of player development for the Spurs before […]

Al Harrington Promises Wizards Will Make Playoffs

Al Harrington will perhaps be the front runner for the NBA's 12th man of the year or Worst Promise Maker.

Al Harrington is rumoured to have agreed to terms with the Washington Bullets Wizards and has promised John Wall that the team will make the playoffs.  Harrington likely feels confident that he can help the Harry Potters Wizards achieve this goal because he was able to play 10 games for team with the worst record […]

Udrih to New York, Williams to Portland and Beasley May Soon Be Available

Beno Udrih

After watching veteran point guard Jason Kidd retire and go to the Nets as their new head coach, the New York Knicks have finally signed a back-up point guard to replace the future Hall of Fame player.  Beno Udrih, who won a title during his rookie season with the San Antonio Spurs, has agree to […]

Greg ‘Kness o’ Glass’ Oden Taking His Talents (and excessive personal fouls) to South Beach

Change the logos on the chairs to the Heat logo, and this may likely be an image from next season.

Greg Oden has officially made his ‘decision’.  Though it was not broadcast to the nation via a special on ESPN that lead to the breaking of the hearts of every basketball fan in Cleveland, his decision was the same as LeBron James’s.  As a wise man once said, he’s going to Miami.  The Heat, who […]