Where Do The Knicks Go From Here?


The Knicks were expected by some (predominantly Knicks’ fans) to do more than just make the playoffs this year: they were supposed to content for a title.  Instead, they are sitting on the bottom of a division whose best team is a paltry 6-10.  The Knicks?  They are 3-13.  The reason for this record?  That […]

Don’t Do It, Devner!

2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

There are rumours that Denver’s coaching staff is unhappy with Kenneth Faried.  Some are suggesting that Faried defense is not at the same level it was in his first two season.  Ownership is rumoured to be worried that Faried’s pending restricted-free agency could lead to a contract that is too rich for their blood.  Now, […]

Chandler Out; Smith In: Knicks Struggles Likely To Continue


After making some offseason moves that they thought would help put them into NBA’s elite, the New York Knicks have got off to a slow start.  A disappointing loss to the Charlotte Bobcats gave the Knicks the third-worst record in the East, which isn’t terribly bad news considering that they are only four games into […]

Line of the Night: Novemeber 2nd

Anthony Davis missed the elusive 5X5 game by a single assist, but still earned his second LOTN in as many nights

Anthony Davis was one assist away from a 5X5 game, which would have only been the second one in the last 10 years, and would have been far more impressive than the one Nicholas Batum posted last season.  The Pelicans got their first win of the season, and Davis started his bid for MVP and […]

Udrih to New York, Williams to Portland and Beasley May Soon Be Available

Beno Udrih

After watching veteran point guard Jason Kidd retire and go to the Nets as their new head coach, the New York Knicks have finally signed a back-up point guard to replace the future Hall of Fame player.  Beno Udrih, who won a title during his rookie season with the San Antonio Spurs, has agree to […]

New York Reaches Deal For World Peace


The New York Knicks have reached a deal with Metta World Peace, bringing the defensive minded small forward back to his old stomping grounds whilst inspiring optimistically misleading headlines such as ‘New York Reaches Deal For World Peace’ and ‘New York Brings World Peace’.  When not applying for jobs at Circuit City, or showing up […]

J.R. Smith Staying In New York; Greivis Vasquez Headed to Sacramento

Shooting guard J.R. Smith will be suiting up for the Knicks again next season.

J.R. Smith has reportedly agree to term with the Knicks and will be returning to the team this season.  It was unclear as to whether or not Smith would return to the Knicks as it was possible that other teams would be able to offer Smith more than his current team due to salary-cap restrictions.  […]

Bargnani Headed to New York?

Andrea Bargnani, making the 'fisting' sign as his lack of defense has helped the Raptors get fisted even worse than they did prior to obtaining the number-one pick.

In a move that could only be made by a team that would name itself after a dinosaur, the Raptors, it what seems to be an attempt to clear out the mistakes of its former GM are in talks to make a deal with the Knicks.  Talks are in place that would send former number-one […]

Chauncey Billups Wins Inaugural Twyman-Stokes Award

David Stern (left) award Billups with the inaugural Twyman-Stokes Award.

For those of you who thought the NBA award season was over, think again.  The NBA has instituted a new award: the Twyman-Stokes Award.  The award is named after Jack Twyman and Maurice Stokes.  Why name the award after these two players?  Twyman was an All-Star, and Hall of Fame inductee, but he never won […]

Jason Kidd Retires After 19 Seasons

Whilst playing for the Sun, Kidd was charged with and plead guilty to domestic abuse.  Perhaps the peroxide was seeping too deep into his scalp and impairing his judgment.

New York Knicks’ point guard Jason Kidd has officially announced his retirement.  The news comes, coincidentally, just days after Grant Hill, with whom Kidd was the Co-Rookie of the Year in 1995, also announced his retirement. Kidd lead the league in assists 5 times, and ranks second all-time in total career assists with 12 091 […]