Al Jefferson Willing to Postpone Championship Aspirations For 40 Million Dollars

Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson

In a move that will see the Charlotte Bobcats shake up their front court, forward/center Al Jefferson has agreed to terms on a 3-year deal worth around 40 million dollars.  In order to create space, the Bobcats will amnesty Tyrus Thomas, who has been a disappointment to the team, as well as rescind the rights to promising big man Byron Mullens.  The move is surprising considering how affordable and promising Mullens proved to be, and even more intriguing since the Bobcats drafted big man Cody Zeller.  It seems the Bobcats do not have the confidence in the affordable front court players they already have in place.  The Bobcats were targeting Jefferson despite the fact that Dwight Howard is available, perhaps because they realize the futility of even attempting to bring Dwight it.  Jordan was likely happy to hear that Jefferson had no issues foregoing any hope of playing for a contender and spending the next three season playing for a team that has performed miserably for the last three seasons so long as he is compensated to do so with 40 million dollars.  The move should be an improvement, but considering how poorly the team has performed, it seems unlikely that the Bobcats will be making a playoff push this upcoming season.  Next year, with a deeper draft and two draft picks (one coming to them from Detroit), the Bobcats will be in a better position, though giving Jordan’s history for drafting shitty big men, draft picks may not prove to be much help.

It will be interesting now to see where Byron Mullens ends up.


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