AK47 Taking Huge Pay Cut To Play For Nets; Nick Young To Lakers

Andrie Kirilenko (left), not to be confused with Russian film star Dolph Lundgren.

Andrie Kirilenko (left), not to be confused with Russian film star Dolph Lundgren.

WHAT!!! THE!!! FUCK!!!!  Andrei Kirilenko (aka: AK47), who was set to get paid 10 million dollars this upcoming season, opted out of his contract to take a deal with the nets for LESS THAN A THIRD of that total.  If I was his agent, I’d fire Kirilenko!  The Nets have signed the versatile, stat-stuffing small forward who is only one of only three active player (assuming Marcus Camby doesn’t retire) who has recorded a 5X5 game (recording 5 or more: assists, points, rebounds, steals and blocks in a single game), and the only active player to do so more than once (he’s done it 3 times).  The only player since 1985 to accomplish this more was Hakeem Olajuwan.  AK47’s days of recording 5X5’s may be well behind him, but he is still a solid defender, rebounder and can pass well for his position, and given that Paul Pierce will likely need some time to rest given his age, signing AK47 was a huge coup for the Nets.  But why turn down 7 million dollars?  The Timberwolves may not be as likely to make a deep playoff run as the Nets, but with a healthy Kevin Love and having just signed shooting guard Kevin Martin, it seemed like the T-Wolves would finally be able to make a playoff push and potentially even make a deep playoff run.  I will be scratching my head for a while on this one.    

Nick Young; Jodi Meeks' new best friend.

Nick Young; Jodi Meeks’ new best friend.

In other news, shooting guard Nick Young has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.  After spending several season in Washington, Young was trade to the Clippers during a contract season.  He signed a one-year deal with the 76ers last year, and now will be returning to LA, only this time to play for the Lakers.  Young is not the only former Clipper to be joining the Lakers, and former All-Star Chris Kaman has signed on as well.  Young is known for his three-point shooting and will likely serve as a quality replacement for Kobe whilst he is out with injury.  Though Kobe hopes to be back in time for the start of the season, the Lakers may want an insurance policy in case there are complications with Kobe’s injury.  At 6’6, Young may be able to slide over to small forward as well, but will likely spend most of his time as a reserve backing up Kobe, something guard Jodi Meeks is probably ecstatic about since that’s was his job… oh wait.  Meeks better develop a resistance iocane so that he can pull a “Poison by Death” trick on Young when he gets in town (please see The Princess Bride). 


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